Education without intimidation

Chicago Wine School is an independent educational organization providing information about wines and spirits (sorry, we don't sell wine, but we can tell you where to find the wines we taste).

Aside from trying to communicate knowledge about mankind's most interesting beverages, we try to put folks at ease about the subject. We know that wine can be an intimidating topic to many and that there is much misunderstood ritual involved as well. With that in mind we offer people solid information in a manner that neither intimidates nor confuses.

Want to plan a wine-related event?

The staff at Chicago Wine School is available for lectures, business seminars, tastings, etc. to groups or individuals. Please call or email CWS for ideas, prices and suggestions.

What kinds of events have we done?

One of the last ones was for a couple who wanted to go to Tuscany on their honeymoon and decided to get a vinous preview. Another couple wanted to do an anniversary tasting for their in-laws. A group of wine-minded friends wanted to learn more about Cabernet-Sauvignon and the different kinds of wines it made across the globe. That's "just folks". CWS has also put on tastings and seminars for the various wine-related organizations of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Australia, Chile, among many others; several local lawfirms (most of which as wine and food dinners and/or as enticements for graduating law school students); business (public relations companies, magazines, etc.) wanting to reward their workers; the sales forces of wholesalers, importers, restaurateurs; private tasting organizations who wanted a more advanced seminar and dozens of others.

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You must be 21 or over to attend any CWS event

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